Race 2 Squib report Fri 8th Sept 2017

Reports by Cogger

 Facebook was buzzing with the report of the silver fox returning to the fleet after his Kestrel campaign at their national. 
Silver fox is Riccardo Roberts the most competitive person you will ever meet. 
With Craig taking radio calls re the course from numerous boats all having an idea or the perfect one it was decided to have windward mark to leeward mark all marks to port only for the wind to shift 45 degrees minutes before the start. 
Plan B was pathfinder

start fro NE to Smitt boat to breakwater to Smitt boat, breakwater, Smitt boat to starboard to finish. 
Bobonski was crewed by Jamie B and Cragie were the pathfinder and lead at the first windward mark. 
All was going splendidly for Bobonski until the rounding at the end of breakwater when he went round it to starboard instead of port. 
As it was Craigie’s birthday the gentlemen of the fleet all screamed other way around and he unwrapped himself well did he is question 1? And proceeded to tack causing mayhem tacking between the other boats. 
He had gone from First to last in a matter of second. 
Jamie’s crewing expertise and weight allowed Bobonski to sail closer and faster on the beat over taking the leading boat Kachina Too crewed by David Hall and David Battye retaking the lead. There was a lot of covering on the beats especially between Cybi , Ricardo And Judy and Patriot crewed by Pat and Cogger. 
Just as you thought the positions had been sorted and wouldn’t change the birthday boy went around the windward mark the wrong way and headed of for lap 4 when there were only 3. 
Kachina Too and Granant were next to round correctly however Kachina Too thought there was another lap and peeled back leaving Granant crewed by Jas and Steve to sail to the finishing line victorious. 
Next to around was Patriot who jumped for 4th to 2nd, their grins and laughter could be seen and heard on the prom. 
Cybi finished 3rd . Kachina Too went from 2nd to 4th. 
The Dick of the day award went to Bobonski crewed by the birthday boy Craige and Jamie who went from 1st twice to last twice .


Race 1 Squib report Fri 1st Sept 2017

7 Squibs rocked up for the early start of 6pm. The initial idea of Penrhos and back was over ruled by a vote over radios due to the forecast for the wind to drop. Line start by Mackenzie to buoy by starting line double pink, Back to Pin end of start line twice with beat to finish. George and George pinned Guest helm Cogger forcing him into the mooring this allowed Ricardo and Judy to wiggle free and take the lead after Tim did a 360.

Capt Tudur with double tacticians Kyle and Tuds Owen on board just managed to catch Kachina Too on starboard just before the finishing line. Cybi just held on after sailing into hole and won by 2 feet from Bobonski.

Race results for Squib Friday Evening Race Series September 2017

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