The next race scheduled for Sunday 26th Feb was cancelled due to bad weather... 

Race 2 February 19th

The weather forecast was for low visibility and as we set off mist shroweded the harbour wall. Just Enough and Lily were racing as Just Jay was still awaiting the return of her rigging. The winds however was SW 12 - 15 kt, ideal for the race. A course was set to suit the blue screen issue of Just Enough's GPS and Bolivar was selected rather than Langdon Ridge. 

RRS 2017Here is a link to the new 2017 RRS so that you can all read up on what you SHOULD be doing on the water.  You'll probably have plenty of time while you are suffering from over indulgence during your Christmas festivities. By the way we will also be holding a Cruiser Race over the holiday period.

This hefty volume is worth reading as it is valid till 2020!

We'll hold a test during the season to see how well you know your rules! Winner will be promoted to Rules Instructor!

 It is broken down into Parts and Part 1 includes some exciting bits like "


So just you be careful we're watching you!

By the way if when you are reading Part 2 you might need to understand the definition of Overlap

The February series will start on Sunday 5th February

Race 5 Sunday 29th January

Again just two yachts competing as Just Jay was still undergoing mast work. The race start at 13:00 as normal with a steady SSE 10kt wind. The course selected was the same as the previous week, Clipera, Langdon Ridge, Clipera and finish. The weather forecast had been changing all week and the expected heavy rain and gusty conditions didn't materialise. Lily made a poor sail choice for the start allowing Just Enough to get away and although Lily was closing as they approached Just Enough made the turn first. Under spinnaker for leg 2 Just Enough with her asymmetric headed off towards Carmel Head while Lily ran a perfect line to Langdon Ridge allowing for tide but the wind fell away in the middle of the bay leaving Lily at times with no apparent wind. Just Enough had a big advantage as they approached Langdon but as she turned to make the mark she struggled in the light winds to get back against the current running NE-SW at the mark. 

20170129 142017

The beat back from Langdon to Clipera saw both yachts taking different strategies but Lily failed to make up anything on Just Enough leaving about a 5 minute gap at the mark. As they entered the harbour the wind was dying away and Lily lost even more up to the finish line. 

It could be said that Lily's skipper was looking at too much added technology having just made the connection from original instruments to the Zeus2 chartplotter. 

Congratulations to Phil on Just Enough for winning the series with a clean sweep on the IRC handicap. 






For anyone interested in racing next year here are the details of the IRC Spinlock Discounts scheme. It would be really great if more of our Holyhead Yachts obtained valid IRC certificates and joined in some of the races both at Holyhead and at other venues. Remeber that if you renewed your certificate last year under the scheme then you can get 25% off the renewal for this year.

irc spinlock logoThe RORC Rating Office is offering the following start up offer for the Spinlock IRC rating system