Race 1 6th September 2017

Report by Cogger with small modifications by Mark

The first action of the evening was Craigie forgetting his New Jib and having to rush home in his hire car (Tors Volvo poorly) to get it. This seems to be a weekly occurrence as Capt Tudur Roberts tried to start race last week with two mains on board. Craigie managed to get back quicker than Tudur and race was started on time.

First to the race course for the second week in a row was Sundancer crewed by George and George.

Mark on yacht Lilly who was preparing for the Pwllheli Dublin race on Saturday kindly video’d the start.

There was a bit of normal Holymed banter on the run to the knuckle in the breakwater.

It went on about the weight of paint used on Con Brio crewed by Bill and Roger how they  achieve the quality finish,Pint of water is pound and a quarter but they did win the pretties boat on the water award it sparkled in the sun light. With the tide coming in Granit with Jas and Steve on board went out to catch it, Unfortunately they didn't gain anything and slipped down the fleet.

In the lead at the first buoy, Clippera, was the Cracker team of Tim and Dave, second Patriot crewed by Pat and Cogger then Bobonski crewed by new blood and youth on his side Harri and  Cragie.

The long beat was back to IDM (inner distance mark) the fleet split on which way to go with Cracker and Patriot going to Tinto jetty with the others tacking up the breakwater for the tide.

First to the windward mark was Patriot with Pat working his sock off. Closely followed by Cracker.

This was spotted by Alkypops whose crew were sitting in the bar having a pint. Gareth and Steve even used binoculars to try and work out what was going on. Should have gone to spec savers!

The antics on the run between Cracker and Patriot enabled Kachina Too crewed by rockstar Richard Date and international judge (sailing) David Battye to catch up Pat who was gutted to get rolled a  hundred yards from the downwind leg to the breakwater mark.

Cracker covered Bobonski up the beat to the finish with Kachina Too just getting through to leeward and lee bowing Patriot into 3rd by 2 feet.

First Cracker, 2nd Kachina Too, 3rd Patriot.

Race 2 Squib report Fri 8th Sept 2017

Reports by Cogger

 Facebook was buzzing with the report of the silver fox returning to the fleet after his Kestrel campaign at their national. 
Silver fox is Riccardo Roberts the most competitive person you will ever meet. 
With Craig taking radio calls re the course from numerous boats all having an idea or the perfect one it was decided to have windward mark to leeward mark all marks to port only for the wind to shift 45 degrees minutes before the start. 
Plan B was pathfinder

Race No 2 Sunday 20th August

Apparently according to Cogger's scant report "new boy Will wins by miles". Click on the image below for the current series results. 

Race No 1 Sunday 13th August. 

A quick report from Cogger, The Pritchard family showed the fleet how to do it. Gareth and Anwen showed the rest of the fleet a clean pair of heels last Sunday morning to win.

squib results august sunday series

Squib report Sunday 21st August 2016 .

The start was delayed to allow the wind to die down after the force 10 of Friday and Saturday. Sunday afternoon went down to force 5 gusting 6 and the course was set pathfinder by north west, Borth, Clippera, Borth, north west, Borth to finish. Craigie was pathfinder with everybody really close at the windward Mark.

Alkypops had problems on the run having to repack the the spinnaker causing them to drop back to last.There were some lovely surfs down the waves in the gusty conditions at the end of the breakwater. On the beat Patriot suddenly lost 15 degrees caused by their main sheet jammer deciding to part company with the boat. Their race was over so they decided to retire. Mandarin were going like a train all down to the extra shackle on their jib.

Alkypops retook the lead at the next windward mark after a cracking beat. However the smile was soon changed by a radio call at the bottom mark “all marks to starboard”. They had rounded it to “port”. Bobonski retook the lead closely followed Mandrin.

On the final blast to the finishing line Alkipops hoisted their spinnaker but it was too close and so broached a few times to the line .To make it worse Bobonski’s GoPro was on to record it. If Craig had charged the battery .

Watch this space .

1st Bobonski Craig Cogger,

2nd Alkipops Gareth Steve M,

3rd Mandrin Dave Adrian ,

4th Patriot Pat Dave S .

Next race Wednesday evening .


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