Race #5 30th August 

For the last race of the August Wednesday evening race the weather was ideal with a steady 8 to 10kt south westerly breeze and sunshine.

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From the start Lily and Carpe Diem lead the field on the breakwater side of the start line, Carpe Diem flying her kite from the approach to the start keeping up with Lily until Lily’s spinnaker hoist was complete. At the harbour entrance it was Lily leading the field with Just Enough to windward as they started the dead downwind leg to Bolivar. Just Enough’s asymmetric was pulling well but not able to sail as deep as Lily and the other following yachts all gybed sailing on port tack against

Race 4 26th July 2017

A brilliant start by Lily saw her first to the nuckle where her spinnaker hoist keept her ahead of the fleet all the way to Bolivar in F4 to F5 southwesterly winds. From Bolivar Houdini, as usual, made better to windward in strengthening winds and overtook Lily while Just Enough, with her reefed main, battled to overhaul Lily. Lily slowed to put in a reef on her main allowing Just Enough to get well clear. Incantation and Carpe Diem were having their usual dual and Flying Dragon was catching up to Lily; eventually overtaking her on the leg from Penrhos to Clipera. On this penultimate leg a major storm was developing with a huge dark cloud mass moving from west to east across the bay with thunder and lightning in the distance. Wind speeds suddenly increased and as Lily attempted to reef her genoa it split along a seam forcing her to retire and motor in head on into the harbour. Just Enough had similar problems and also retired.

Race 5 31st May

A good steady 10kt SSW breeze with some drops of rain falling as the severn crews prepared for the start of the last race in the May Wednesday Evening series. Lily was first away over the line close to the breakwater with Houdini, Carpe Diem and Just Enough fighting for space in the middle of the harbour. It was another starboard spinnaker leg from the knuckle and as the yachts left the harbour Just Enough had a lead over Lily. From the lighthouse the course to Bolivar was almost dead downwind and the symmetric spinnakers were well suited to this leg. Unfortunately for Lily her "Mr Motivator" spinnaker split on one panel and she was forced to drop the kite early as she approched Bolivar. The tide run at Bolivar was again quite significant but the 3 leading yachts rounded the mark bow to stern Just Enough followed by Lily and Houdini. 

Race 4 28th June

With a poor weather forecast of rain and strong gusty NE winds a reduced fleet lined up for the start. Houdini Carpe Diem and Just Enough getting the best of the start with Lily, again delayed by a mast climb to fix the anenometer and the subsequent rush, taking away to clear a problem with the halyards. 

Just Enough got the best of the first leg on course 3 towards Bolivar out performing both Houdini and Lily on the beat and rounded the

7th May 2017 Sunday Cruiser Race

We only had two entries for the race today; Just Jay and Lily. The winds were light and a bit fickle in the harbour but Northerly ranging from 5kt to 12kt. The start was delayed for Nigel getting away from Optimist Sailing and Mark having to get crew member Matt to the mast head to remove the block on the spinnaker halyard. The start time was set for 13:25 and the two yachts got good starts with Just Jay marginally ahead of Lily. Course 4, the same as last Wednesday was chosen with a chance that we might shorten at Clipera if the wind didn't freshen. 


It was a beautiful day for sailing with the winds from last week having lessened and as the yachts reached Clipera Just Jay had gained a good lead. Rounding Clipera Lily had a really good spinnaker hoist to dispell all doubts following last Wednesday's race. The leg from Clipera to Penrhos was dead downwind with a bit of tidal effect and Lily managed a deeper line than Just Jay but she still rounded Penrhos well ahead of Lily.