Due to the weather conditions on Sunday 19th March race was cancelled

There are no more races planned for March but we are intending to continue weekend racing over the spring, summer and autumn before restarting the winter series. Our next weekend race will be 2nd April 2017 so get your yacths back in asap!

We are hoping that the three yachts will soon be joined by others.... 

Race 2 Sunday 12th March

2017 03 12 Lily1Weather conditions as the teams prepared for the race were improving, a break or two in the clouds and by 12:00 the rain had ceased. The holyhead Port weather station was showing F4 gusting F5 at 275° as the winds gradually veered to WNW. The start was again delayed to allow late coming crews from the Manchester area due to the roadworks on the A55. Phil and Mark had discussed course selection for the race and this course was agreed:

  1. Start
  2. Meath (P)
  3. Langdon Ridge (S)
  4. Bolivar (S)
  5. Meath (S)
  6. Finish

The next race scheduled for Sunday 26th Feb was cancelled due to bad weather... 

Race 2 February 19th

The weather forecast was for low visibility and as we set off mist shroweded the harbour wall. Just Enough and Lily were racing as Just Jay was still awaiting the return of her rigging. The winds however was SW 12 - 15 kt, ideal for the race. A course was set to suit the blue screen issue of Just Enough's GPS and Bolivar was selected rather than Langdon Ridge. 

Provisional Offshore Programme for 2017

22nd April ISORA Race 2 Pwllheli Castle Race - Coastal

13th May ISORA Race 3 Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire - Offshore

20th May to 22nd May Cruise to Porthdynllaen HW 08:05

27th May to 29th May Cruise to Ireland HW 12:10

27th May ISORA Race 4 Dun Laoghaire to (Probably) Arklow - Offshore

3rd June ISORA Race 5 HYC to Lambay and Liffey festival Coastal

10th Jun HW 11:49 10:00 start to East Mouse and back Race

14th June ISORA Race 6 Dun Laoghaire to Dingle - Offshore

17th June Peaks Yacht Race

30th June ISORA Race 7 Lyver Race Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire - Offshore

25th Jun HW 12:00 10:00 start to East Mouse and back Race

15th Jul LW 09:06 09:00 start to Menai Bridge (clockwise) Race

16th Jul MB slack 14:50 1200 start to Holyhead (same way back) Race

5th August Round Anglesey Race - (Menai Strait Regatta 27th July to 4th August)

5th August ISORA Race ? Dun Laoghaire to Pwllheli - Offshore

11th - 13th August IRC Welsh Championships

18th August - ISORA Race W2 Pwllheli Coastal Night Race

19th Aug HW 09:06 09:00 start to Llandwyn and back

25th (Friday) to 28th Aug Bank Holiday weekend Cruise. LW on 25th 07:25

26th August ISORA Race W3 Pwllheli Day Race Coastal

09th Sep HW 13:06 12:30 s tart to LLandwyn and back

09th Sept ISORA Race ? Pwllheli to Dun Laoghaire - Offshore

The February series will start on Sunday 5th February

Race 5 Sunday 29th January

Again just two yachts competing as Just Jay was still undergoing mast work. The race start at 13:00 as normal with a steady SSE 10kt wind. The course selected was the same as the previous week, Clipera, Langdon Ridge, Clipera and finish. The weather forecast had been changing all week and the expected heavy rain and gusty conditions didn't materialise. Lily made a poor sail choice for the start allowing Just Enough to get away and although Lily was closing as they approached Just Enough made the turn first. Under spinnaker for leg 2 Just Enough with her asymmetric headed off towards Carmel Head while Lily ran a perfect line to Langdon Ridge allowing for tide but the wind fell away in the middle of the bay leaving Lily at times with no apparent wind. Just Enough had a big advantage as they approached Langdon but as she turned to make the mark she struggled in the light winds to get back against the current running NE-SW at the mark. 

20170129 142017

The beat back from Langdon to Clipera saw both yachts taking different strategies but Lily failed to make up anything on Just Enough leaving about a 5 minute gap at the mark. As they entered the harbour the wind was dying away and Lily lost even more up to the finish line. 

It could be said that Lily's skipper was looking at too much added technology having just made the connection from original instruments to the Zeus2 chartplotter. 

Congratulations to Phil on Just Enough for winning the series with a clean sweep on the IRC handicap.