Race 4 Wednesday December 28th

20161228 135448Race 4, the last race of 2016 was held in fantastic winter weather, clearing skies, southerly mild winds which were less than forecast and dropping down during the later stages of the race. The course selected for the race was ideal with two spinnaker legs, two beats and one fetch. As ever Just Jay was off the marina first, Just Enough second and Lily last, one day we will get out earlier!

The 3 yachts circled round to take a beam reach start on Starboard as they headed for the Knuckle where spinnakers could be hoisted, Just Jay taking a wider line with Just Enough getting a good line closer to the wall and overtaking Lily whose spinnaker problems persisted, failing to get her spinnaker rigged until she reached Clipera by which time the other two yachts had a significant advantage. Lily should have taken a deeper line from Clipera towards Bolivar than the J boats but the spinnaker the change of helm resulted in Lily following the other two boats thus loosing the advantage. Lily was so far behind that it was difficult to see who was leading but the two J's were sailing in close proximity for most of the race. Additional info from Cogger's FB post: Just Enough was right behind Just Jay until she caught a lobster pot on her keel forcing J 92 to fall off Just Jay's quarter wave.
Then rounding Langdon RIdge bouy Just Jay had problems taking her spinnaker down allowing Just Enough to retake the lead. Just Jay got line honours but Just Enough finished 2 minutes behind in the 2 hour 18 min race, to get the bullet b1 min 36 seconds on corrected time.

RRS 2017Here is a link to the new 2017 RRS so that you can all read up on what you SHOULD be doing on the water.  You'll probably have plenty of time while you are suffering from over indulgence during your Christmas festivities. By the way we will also be holding a Cruiser Race over the holiday period.

This hefty volume is worth reading as it is valid till 2020!

We'll hold a test during the season to see how well you know your rules! Winner will be promoted to Rules Instructor!

 It is broken down into Parts and Part 1 includes some exciting bits like "


So just you be careful we're watching you!

By the way if when you are reading Part 2 you might need to understand the definition of Overlap

 Race 2 27th November 2016

The second and final race in the November series promised to be a good sail with a keener wind than forecast, high pressure in control, clearing skies and a touch on the cold side. With a NE F4-5 the course elected was Bolivar to port, Penrhos to port and finish. The fun started before the race start sequence with Lily attempting to leave the marina without any steering! The two other boats offered assistance but Lily's crew managed to get her back onto the marina with skilfull use of the engine and the wind. As Lily was unable to race it was a two boat affair with a tight finish on corrected time. Congratuations to Nigel on yet another series win.

The Series Result: 

  1. Just Jay
  2. Just Enough
  3. Lily

For anyone interested in racing next year here are the details of the IRC Spinlock Discounts scheme. It would be really great if more of our Holyhead Yachts obtained valid IRC certificates and joined in some of the races both at Holyhead and at other venues. Remeber that if you renewed your certificate last year under the scheme then you can get 25% off the renewal for this year.

irc spinlock logoThe RORC Rating Office is offering the following start up offer for the Spinlock IRC rating system

Race 5 Sunday 30th October

2016 10 30 13.45.29

With light winds forecast from the SE a decision was made to run Course 7 with a posibility of shortening from Bolivar back round Clipera to the finish. Incantation in her last race this year was one of the four yachts entered. From the start Incantation got a good line on the IDM and was ahead with the two J's running closer towards the wall and Lily, cutting across from the marina, just astern and to windward of Incantation.