[Draft] HSC Sailing Instructions for Racing

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS 2018 [version d1]


1.1 Racing  will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
1.2 The Holyhead Port Authority Bye-Laws and Harbour Regulations, and Guidelines for Leisure Users will apply. See Addendum D for details

Please see below the SI's and follow this link for your downloadable entry form


This map shows the race marks in Holyhead Bay. Please note "Spit" sometimes known as "Breakwater" is NOT a mark of the course but yachts should not pass to the wall side of this mark


The courses are as follows:

irc spinlock logo

To enable you to take part in the ISORA and other external races in 2018 on the IRC Handicap Rating system you have to have a current IRC Certificate.Here's how to get your 2018 IRC Certificate

Remember within the club events we run two handicapping systems, NHC, The National Handicap System for Cruisers and IRC, International Racing Certificate. These are called Tandem Races and score each entry on the two different systems, if they qualify. 

The Sailing Committee met last week and are looking at ways to encourage more yachties to join in the club racing.... More on this later.