Race 2 11th September

As the shorter evenings draw in the racing starts at 18:00 for the Class 2 and 18:10 for Class 1. The course was set by Wendy, her penultimate race as Officer of the Day, was course 2 

7 yachts prepared to get to the start line in 12kt WSW winds and a warning of a ferry movement. On the leg to Penrhos the usual variety of spinnakers were being hoisted but Flair had a “wine-glass” and had to drop her’s after failing to clear the issue, this put her well behind all the other yachts as they cleared the end of the Aluminium Jetty. From my vantage point on Flair trying to sort out the problems I was unaware of who was in the lead but at Penrhos after the fetch Houdini and Jetstream were battling it out as they began to catch up on the Class 2 yachts.

The leg to Meath was a broad reach with spinnakers flying again and then from Meath to Clipera was a fetch with a beat back into the harbour. 


The Class 1 order stayed the same over the water but as the yachts entered the harbour the Class 2 yachts were being overtaken by all but Flair but she had closed up considerably on the rest of the fleet by the finish following the fitting of her new mainsail.

Just to explain about the results: 

The elapsed time is taken and added to the realtime start for the Class 2 event. Hence the real time finish of Jetstream was 18:58 minus the 10 minutes between the Class 2 and Class 1 starts. Passtime’s new IRC handicap has been added this week following the receipt of the new certificate. 

 IRC Class 1

NHC Class 2

Race 1 September 4th

Cancelled due to bad weather

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