Race no 1 2019-06-02 

Due to the weather only two yachts turned out for what turned out to be an exciting and blustery race. Jetstream and Flair IV headed out but had to delay the start to allow the late departure of the ferry to clear the harbour entrance.

Wind speeds from 25kt - 32kt  generally around 30kt were recorded and the two yachts achieved some pretty impressive speeds on the downwind first leg to Bolivar leaving it to starboard. Flair IV recording boat speed at 10.2kt, so needless to say neither yacht attempted to fly anything but their jib and reefed main, it was just too windy!


Turning at the mark Jetstream, with 8 on board, was in the lead and she headed south whereas Flair with only 5 onboard tacked and headed back west making a track just to the north of the breakwater. With several tacks towards Clipera she fell further behind as Jetstream tacked only 3 times before entering the harbour. As you can see at Clipera it was a little wild!


This was a great testing opportunity to see how best to sail in heavy weather and lots was learnt about how to depower sails but to reduce the flogging. Keeping the power on sufficiently to make 6 to 7kt upwind. 









We came back to the mooring with layers of salt on our faces but having had a superb sail in glorious sunshine. You simply don’t know what you’ve missed! Flair IV Crew enjoying it way too much! Thanks to Becca for the photos. 













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