Sunday 2019-04-21

This is the second Sunday race for Offshores in this series. With winds forecast at 11kt SSW it will be another great day probably with a downwind leg to Bolivar and a beat back to Clipera. With a Spring tide today there will be significant currents to bear in mind, HT today is at 12:27 BST.

Come on all you yachties and get on the water for a start at 14:10. All instructions will be broadcast over VHF Ch 37 (M1).

Sunday 2019-04-14

Our first offshore race of 2019 was held on 2019-04-14 with 2 boats entered; Flair IV and Hellhound. The results system handicaps have been updated to the latest NHC Handicap numbers. These races for offshores are what is called a tandem series allowing both NHC Variable handicapping and IRC fixed, measurement handicaps.

Since only one yacht, Flair IV is in the IRC class the IRC class is not valid for today’s race, just the NHC Class results are available.

The start time of 14:05 is set to miss the Irish and Stena Ferry departure times. The course today was from the start line passing Clipera to port then Bolivar to starboard coming back to Clipera passing to starboard then finish.  

Jim on Hellhound was sailing single handed and Flair had a crew of 5 with variable winds of 5kt to 15kt Flair was clearly at an advantage beyond her handicap with a 2 minute 20 second corrected lead at the finish.


As the yachts passed Clipera there was a spectator:




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