Race 1 2018-06-06

This week’s Wednesday evening race was again sailed in fantastic weather conditions with a 10kt NE wind and very little swell. As the 5 racing yachts lined up for the start the OOD Jash called for a special course, i.e. one not listed on our course cards, of Penrhos, Bolivar, Penrhos, Clipera and finish. This was to take full advantage of the NE winds giving long windward and downwind legs with a broad reach to the finish.

The 5 yachts for this weeks race were Rhumbull, Flair IV, Carpe Diem, Madam Wen and Vision. Good to see some new boats out for their first Wednesday evening race!

From the start Rhumbull made the pace with Flair pulling ahead of Carpe Diem and Madam Wen as they passed the Aluminium Jetty and bore away down to Penrhos. Flair had problems with releasing the pin on her spinnaker pole so did not fly her kite and lost out to all except Vision who does not run in the spinnaker class. However at Penrhos, Flair was a few boat lengths clear of Carpe Diem closely followed by Madam Wen.


Rhumbull now had a substantial lead as they headed upwind to Bolivar with Flair holding a good course well to windward of both Carpe Diem and Madam Wen. However after Flair had tacked  her skipper failed to tack intime to keep Clipera to her starboard bow and had to turn back, losing time and causing a protest with Carpe Diem at the mark. After re-rounding the mark she then had to battle to get back ahead of Madam Wen and Carpe Diem. At Bolivar the order was Rhumbull, Flair IV, Madam Wen, Carpe Diem and Vision.

On the downwind leg from Bolivar Flair managed to sort out her pole problem and flew her large white spinnaker to good effect with a gybe at Clipera but then disaster as she failed to dowse the spinnaker as she rounded Penrhos and had to sail off east away from the course. By the time she was back sailing on course Madam Wen and Carpe Diem, going really well as usual, had caught up and passed Flair. The leg back to Clipera was interesting with Flair re-catching Madam Wen but having to give way to her as she was on Starboard approaching the mark. Having had problems with her spinnaker Flair attempted to sail the last leg with her code zero but this was a mistake and she lagged back from Madam Wen and was very nearly caught by Carpe Diem as Vision called in to retire.

Back in the club house, thanks to the launch drivers for their services, quite late the food was still being served at 21:40 which we are all very grateful for, thank you Spinnakers!

Thanks also to Jash for his OOD session and a great course. Another cracking evening at Holymed!

results bannerNHC

Below is Flair's track, the missing section is where the instruments cut out as the batteries were discharged again.. 


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