Race 4 February 25th

Thanks to Paul Sutton for standing in as race organiser and reporter...

Wind varied 10-27 Kts generally easterly.  Course: Langdon (S), Bolivar (S), finish.  Even port tack start with Pipedreamer and Just Enough to windward.  By end of breakwater, normal service resumed with Espresso leading, JJ second, JE third and Pipedreamer languishing in fourth.  JJ and Pipedreamer flew their kites to Langdon, but with doubtful efficacy and the order did not change.  Almost a beat to Bolivar and broad reach from there to finish.  JJ and JE both flew kites from Bolivar, JE overtaking Pipedreamer again......once they had rescued their spinnaker halyard.

The real fun started in the marina, but that would be telling tales out of school!

[editor's note: Can't wait to hear Paul!]

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Race 3 February 18th

Due to changes in the Ferry Schedule the race start was postponed until 14:00 and all 6 contestants were notified over channel M1(37).

With 17kt gusting 22kt southerly winds the fleet set off in fine style on a reach pipedreamer closest to the wall, Just Enough, Cacalou then Lily all pretty much in a line.

Race 3 Feb 2018 Start

The photo was taken from Espresso Martini who sailing close to the IDM as she crossed the start line forced Just Jay to restart. However it didn’t take long for Just Jay, with her asymmetric set to catch the others and by the exit from the harbour the order was Espresso Martini, Pipedreamer, Just Jay, Just Enough, Lily, Cacalou and More Madness bringing up the rear.

There was some very close spinnaker racing  up to Bolivar with the order changing several times and teams taking avoiding action at the mark.

Espresso Martini made a last minute decision to keep her spinnaker flying sailing on past the buoy while Just Jay, closely followed by Just Enough crept inside Lily at the mark and Pipedreamer followed Espresso Martini. Lily failed in her jibe and had to stall to recover the sail, before heading for Langdon. 

Race 3 February 2018 - Spinnaker leg to BolivarThe fleet all took different headings to Langdon with Pipedreamer and Cacalou staying well to the north while Espresso Martini, Just Jay and Just Enough sailed the more direct course. 

Poor Phil had an expensive moment on the approach to Landon as his favourite Spinnaker “exploded”, leaving them struggling to the mark.

Lily maintained a beam reach and almost got it right avoiding changing course too much until right at the end of the leg where the tide race was pretty fierce and she had to turn downwind on a ferry glide to avoid hitting the mark.

From Langdon Lust Jay, Pipedreamer and Lily stayed on port tack to set with the ebb tide eventually tacking onto a fetch as Lily’s track formed an interesting curve on the way to Clipera. By now there was sea mist forming and it became quite difficult to see the other boats as we all headed back to the harbour with everything getting very wet!

At the finish the order was Espresso Martini, Just Jay, Just Enough, Pipedreamer, Lily, Cacalou and More Madness. 

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Race 2 February 11th 2018

Race Cancelled duee to contiuing high winds...

Race 1 February 4th 2018

The first race for ages without a J boats! Four yachts lined up for the start with a NE 12 wind gusting to 18kt. The course set for a first long beat to Bolivar with a spring tide and strong currents it proved an interesting leg!

Espresso Martini approached the start from on a starboard track parallel to the start line from the IDM buoy with Lily and Pipedreamer VI already on port tack from close to the wall. Lily was first over the line with Pipedreamer to leaward and Espresso Martini a having tacked and now chasing Lily down and overtaking as they approached the knuckle. More Madness was seen struggling to get to the start line. As Espresso Martini passed Lily Lily tacked to avoid the blanketing by the windward boat. With a short tack and back onto port Lily and Pipedreamer were running neck and neck down towards the Aluminium Jetty and they exchanged places as they crossed each other on their way out of the harbour. Espresso Martini followed by Lily took a line to the end of the wall but Lily, seeing how the leader was getting pushed  to the west, tacked onto port to head towards Clipera and the eddy running anticlockwise round the bay.

Pipedreamer and Lily continued to dual it out towards Bolivar with Lily getting the better line on the tide as it ran sw up near the buoy. The anticipated broad reach didn’t materialise as the light winds and the strong tide forced a reach, then a fetch, as the tide got stronger towards Langdon Ridge. With the tide flow increasing significantly Espresso Martini had established a good lead by Langdon and this gave her a clear advantage as she rounded the mark with an already significant lead. Lily rounded second with Pipedreamer flying her asymmetric and almost catching Lily before getting into problems and failing to reach Langdon without several tacks against the now raging tide.


Espresso Martini was already well into the harbour after rounding Meath by the time Lily approached the final buoy with Pipedreamer closing back on Lily after her delays getting round Langdon RIdge. The order was never in dispute from Langdon Ridge to the finish, the question was would Lily be close enough to Espresso Martini, the simple answer was no…

Another fantastic day’s racing in Holyhead Bay in much lighter winds than we have been used to this winter. We hope to see a full turnout with the J boats back next week.

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