Race No 4 28th January 2018

Once again the forecast was for blustery SW winds 21 gusting 30kt. With Pipedreamer deciding not to race, Espresso Martini on maintenance duties and Just Jay out due to a Youth Squad event in Cardiff the field was cut to just Lily and Just Enough.

As usual the start was a downwind affair with Just Enough flying her spinnaker from a few meters beyond the start line. Lily, on the other hand, decided not to fly her spinnaker as it was likely that they would need to gybe at, or shortly after, the knuckle. INdeed they were proved right as Just enough broached on her attempt at a gybe before leaving the harbour. However Just Enough pulled out a fair lead as they headed out of the harbour with Lily flying goosewing before gybing early to hold a port broad reach on the leg to Bolivar. The tidal current was fairly strong considering the low tidal range and Lily recovered some of the gap to Just Enough as she rounded Bolivar.



The leg from Bolivar, to our favourite destination, Langdon Ridge, was its normal guesswork on currents and wind with Lily overhauling Just Enough sailing a fetch to leeward. At the mark Lily had a narrow lead and a bit of a buttock clenching moment with the normal very strong current running SW NE pushing her very close to the large yellow Cardinal Mark!

Having successfully cleared the mark Lily held a higher line on the next leg to Meath which paid off as the current as they neared Meath was running West to East and even Lily was a few 10’s of metres off the buoy.  


Lily decided to tack towards the Harbour wall sooner than Just Enough and this proved to be not as effective with Just Enough holding on starboard to clear the Breakwater before making her tack. Lily was busy on tacking practice, or that was the excuse! 

She was still well ahead as can be seen from Lily’s track,shown below, the first tack back onto starboard was where the most time was lost.

As the two yachts beat back into the harbour Just Enough can be seen pretty close to the knuckle as Lily approached the line with Becca recording the finishing time.

Yet one more great day’s sailing at Holyhead with such a competitive race that Just Jay won by just 48 seconds.

The Series closed with a total of 4 yachts competing even in the blustery conditions which dominated January. See the full results below. Congratulations go to Nigel for Just Jay wining the series, Phil on Just enough who sailed all the races coming second, Lily third and Espresso Martini fourth having sailed in two races with 1 retirement.

NHC Results.pngIRC.png



Race No 3 21st January 2018

Lily was not taking part but Cogger has posted that  "Today's offshore race had only 2 entries, once the rain stopped we had a stomping good sail, Bolivar Clip Bolivar finishand the results can be seen on the links below.

NHC Results.pngIRC.png

Race No 2 14th January 2018

With forecasts for the weather on Sunday 14th showing winds strengthening during the day we were hoping for the chance to get in a race before the gusts exceeded 35kt. However the wind strength, as the boats prepared for the race, was already in the upper 20kt levels.


Many thanks to Sue James for starting the race, that took a lot of load of my plate!

The fleet for this race was the two J's, Espresso Martini, Lily and More Madness.

Lily was once again late to the start and had problems with the luff on her jib and was forced to round up after the start to re-load the jib into the luff groove, leaving her in last place but trying hard to catch More Madness on the first broad reach leg to Bolivar.

By Bolivar Espresso Martini had already stretched out a substantial lead with Just Jay in second place ahead of Just Enough and More Madness who managed to maintain a lead over Lily. On the beat back to Clipera the boats took a line back towards the breakwater before turning to Clipera to get what tidal influence was left; as Lily closed in on More Madness she tacked away to starboard to reset her jib fairlead positions but as she tacked back she had some more issues and was the first to retire. With her jib down she saw Espresso Martini heading back from the second rounding of Bolivar with no main and a headsail becoming detached at the head so she retired too.

As Lily and Espresso Martini passed Clipera under motor More Madness was just rounding the mark and setting back off to Bolivar. In the mist it was hard to make out where Just Jay and Just Enough had got to!

By the time the two retirees made their way back into the harbour Just Jay was on her last leg to the finish with Just Enough following and More Madness making her way from Bolivar.

Well done to those who survived the gusty weather and finished the race and commiserations to Espresso Martini and Lily on their problems and we hope to see them both back racing as soon as possible.

NHC Results.pngIRC.png 

Race No 1 Sunday 7th January 2018

The weather prediction for the first race of 2018 were pretty accurate:

"The weather forecast for Sunday is looking very promising…

matt 2018 01 07 1


This was the picture from Windy.com Friday at 10:45 UTC."

 With a bitterly cold 15kt easterly gusting 22kt the cre


prepared for a windward st

art out 

of the harbour. For this race we welcomed 3 new boats 

to the event, Espresso Martini, Cacalou and More Madness

I am afraid that I was not as well organised as normal


 in getting together with the crews on Cacalou and More Madness and with a late crew arrival on Lily we were not as efficient as usual on the starting countdown.

However all the boats got away cleanly and the order as they tacked out of the harbour was Espresso Martini followed by Just Jay, Just Enough, Lily and Cacalou with More Madness bringing up the rear. It was pretty much tight beat up to the first buoy allowing for the tide running northwards as we approached the buoy. The order 

stayed the same as the yachts rounded the first buoy and set spinnakers flying for the leg to Langdon Ridge. By now Espresso Martini had pulled out a significant lead as she rounded Langdon to Port for the leg back to Bolivar.

Lily had closed up on Just Enough as they approached the mark but Just Enough managed to round first and got a better start on the 3rd leg. Lily then was able to hold a line closer to wind and eventually overtook Just Enough around halfway to Bolivar. As the other yachts watched Espresso Martini, way out ahead, start on the leg from Bolivar to Clipera they could see them struggling to fly their asymmetric so neither Just Jay or 3rd placed Lily attempted the spinnaker hoist but kept a beam reach towards Clipera. Just Enough chose to fly her spinnaker but didn’t gain much on Lily. As they rounded Clipera up went the spinnakers again on the 3 leading boats and as they entered the harbour it was almost dead downwind to the finish. Espresso Martini was so far ahead no one could see what they did but Just Jay sailed to the knuckle before dowsing hers, Lily flew hers over the finish line and Just Enough dowsed early.

Cacalou and More Madness in the NHC Class both reported that they had anjoyed their first outing of 2018; great to ee you guys out with the fleet!

Thanks everyone for taking part, great to see the additional yachts out, especially on such a beautiful sunny day with fairly constant F4 to F5 easterly winds. Hope to see you all again next weekend.

Lily's track for the day 



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