Second Pre Winter Race 2017

Due to the forecast for Sunday 1st October it was decided to run the second race on Saturday 30th September. Only two yachts managed to get crew at this short notice and Just Enough disappeared into the marina to allow Phil to dive and scrub the bottom after the performance issue last week.

new crew 1 20170930Lily without her new North Sail, following the discovery of a split at one of the batten pockets, had a late addition of crew making it an all female crew assisting Mark to get out for the start.  The two yachts managed to get to the start for 14:00 following

an inter yacht discussion on the course. As the winds at the start were southerly 7kt to 10kt and so the course was to be Clipera, Outer Fairway - instead of the missing Penrhos, Bolivar, Clipera to finish. Lily, even with her inexperienced crew, got the best start and lead almost to the harbour entrance but without spinnaker and the close reach angle Just Enough had a clear advantage and took the lead by Clipera. On the beat to Penrhos Just Enough tacked onto port sailing over to the jetty before tacking back on a layline to the Outer Fairway buoy. Lily decided to stay on starboard and after a short tack on port tacked back to go with the ebb tide down towards Cymyran Strait gaining back some time on Just Enough as they approached the buoy. A call from Just Enough suggested shortening the course to Meath as the wind was dropping however by the time they had reached the harbour entrance the course was shortened again to Clipera. Lily’s response was to brew a pot of tea as they set goose winged towards the mark in the light airs and the effects of the ebb tide. Lily lost lots of ground in these light airs without her spinnaker and by the finish she was some 12 minutes behind the clean hull of Just Enough.


Lily's track from the second pre winter race.

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