First  Pre Winter Sunday Race 2017

Following the cancellation of the penultimate Wednesday Evening race of 2017 two yachts assembled for a race starting at 14:00hrs

Crews for Just Enough and Lily met at the club for a chate about the race and then took to the launch and prepared for the race start, however Lily had a problem getting her engine started and so the start time was delayed to 14:10.


The course set was Clipera(S), Penrhos(P), Bolivar(P), Clipera(S) and a close start saw Just Enough lead over the start line. Lily quickly overtook Just Enough and lead out to Clipera on a reach in southerly F3 - F4 winds. At Clipera Lily had built a substantial lead and turned to beat towards Penrhos, she tacked onto Port soon after the mark to adjust her track settings and made good progress over to the Jetty leaving a single tack to the layline to Penrhos. However at Penrhos we discovered that the buoy was no longer there and Lily tacked back to round an unmarked lobster pot as the designated replacement for Penrhos. This allowed Just Enough to catch up a little but Lily still had a commanding lead.

The leg to Bolivar was pretty much dead downwind and Lily held Port spinnaker pole until the layline for Bolivar was clear of Clipera. Just Enough was unable to hold such low wind angles and the lead as Lily approached Bolivar was pretty substantial. However nothing goes to plan and on the spinnaker drop the halyard got stuck and Lily lost much of her advantage as she continued past Bolivar trying to get things sorted.

The leg back to the harbour was initially a beat and Lily made good speed and heading back up to the harbour entrance. However through a lack of concentration Lily’s skipper forgot to round Clipera and subsequently retired leaving Just enough to take the race.

A great sail and good omen for the real Winter Series. Come on you guys get registered for this year’s Winter racing!

We had had a meeting with Jake from Ramora prior to going afloat and he joined Phil on Just Enough for the afternoon and seemed to really enjoy the experience. Jake had come to discuss a Club Deal for on the water hull cleaning. More details on this to follow on the website.



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