Race 4 28th June

With a poor weather forecast of rain and strong gusty NE winds a reduced fleet lined up for the start. Houdini Carpe Diem and Just Enough getting the best of the start with Lily, again delayed by a mast climb to fix the anenometer and the subsequent rush, taking away to clear a problem with the halyards. 

Just Enough got the best of the first leg on course 3 towards Bolivar out performing both Houdini and Lily on the beat and rounded the

mark in first place. As the yachts rounded the mark and prepared for the spinnaker leg to Penrhos on a tight reach this suited the asymmetric kite on Just Enough. At Clipera, not a mark of the course but a requirement under the SI's, Lily was't able to fly her spinnaker without running below the line to Penrhos and dropped her spinnaker to reach towards the mark. Again the order was unchanged at Penrhos, Just Enough, Houdin, Lily and Carpe Diem. The fetch back to Clipera gave Houdini and Lily an opportunity to close up on Just Enough but there was no significant gain and the race for the finish was the only opportunity left for a change in position. Just Enough stayed out on a broad reach while Houdini and Lily ran almost dead down wind, Lily gybing her spinnaker at the Aluminium Jetty and gaining on Houdini on the last run in towards the finish adjacent to the breakwater. 

The Series results are now confirmed Winner of the IRC Series is Houdini on 12 points, Lily on 14 points and Just Enough and Just Jay on 22. These results are mostly affected by the low number of races completed as yachts, or their owners, have been away.

Carpe Diem wins the NHC Series with Houdini and Lily in second and third respectively. 

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Lily's track Wednesday 2017-06-28


Race 3 - 21st June

With all the activity on the Squib Nationals a few of the normal fleet were missing; however 6 yachts, including a welcome return to Cloud Nine prior to her trip down to the Med, were lining up for the start with a keen wsw wind, unlike the rest of the day when the wind had failed to come in. 

Lily got the best of the start and with a reasonable spinnaker hoist at the knuckle she lead out of the harbour towards the first mark of the selected course (course 1), Meath. Incantation Ragtime and Carpe Diem were in hot pursuit but even when Lily's "Mr Motivator" spinnaker split again they did not catch her. At the mark spinnakers were dowsed and the yachts headed to windward towards Penrhos, remembering of course to stay on the seaward side of Clipera. All the yachts had to tack to clear Clipera with some maintaining the port tack out towards the harbour wall while Lily with Incantation following tacked back onto starboard. Lily's windward performance had been compromised by a halyard hitch with dropping the torn spinnaker resulting in poor tension on the jib luff. However she was in a commanding lead as she rounded Penrhos and hoisted her smaller spinnaker on the run back to Clipera. 

After Clipera Lily pulled further away from Incantation and Carpe Diem who were engaged in a close duel. Forced to tack as she aproached the knuckle she held her starboard tack towards the Aluminium Jetty until she was able then to make a single port tack up to the finish leaving the others out of view behind the knuckle.

Another great evening of racing although Lily and Cloud Nine were the only yachts in the IRC class for this race and congratulations go to Vision for completing the course!




Race 2 14th June 2017

It seemed like ages since the last time we raced but I discovered that there had been a race the previous Wednesday although it had been a very wet affair. Results for race 1 are shown in the link.

For Race 2 we welcome back Incantation and Ragtime, great to see you back on the water, along with Vision a new entry to the racing fleet. Weather conditions were perfect for racing with a moderate SW wind as the yachts prepared for the start. Lily was seen to have a crew member up the mast just 15 minutes before the start but still managed to be first over the start line! However Just Jay and Houdini managed to overtake Lily before the end of the breakwater as she was then slow to get her spinnaker hoist at the knuckle.

Course 4 was selected by Sue James, OOD for the evening, and the yachts headed out to Clipera then down to Penrhos. At the first mark Just Jay had the lead from Houdini and Lily who had to slow her turn at the mark to avoid colliding with Houdini's transom! After the mark Just Jay and Houdini continued on starboard with Lily tacking away to port to get out of Houdini's bad wind. There was close competition between the rest of the fleet with Incantation, Carpe Diem, Ragtime and Vision all taking advantage of the great wind conditions. 

At Penrhos the order was the same as the yachts gybed and set their spinnakers for the leg round Clipera and up to the next mark of the course at Bolivar. Just Jay gybed again just after Clipera but Houdini and Lily continued on a deeper line eventually gybing their spinnakers to set toward Bolivar. Short on crew Lily had trouble with getting the headsail re-rigged ready to hoist after the spinnaker gybe and was unable to dowse her spinnaker before the mark, running a long way past the mark and loosing a good few minutes before she was able to come back on the wind to head for the finish line. 

The burning question back in the club house was: who gained the advantage, those who tacked at Bolivar or those who stayed out on port? 

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