Race 3 - 16th April

Just 2 yachts competing in race 3 as Lily was resting for some maintenance before going to Pwllheli for the first ISORA race on 22nd April. However as Lily is on Mooring A2 she is pretty well perfectly aligned along the start line and Mark as OD gave the two yachts a count down for the start. 

Just Enough got a good start close to the wall and managed to keep ahead of Just Jay as they left the harbour. What happened next is anyone's guess but I hear that Just Enough went trawling with her kite and Just Jay had to make way for the ferry.

As the yachts raced back into the harbour Just Enough was a fair way back and on corrected time was some 3 minutes behind. 

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Race 2 - 9th April

Only two yachts out this week, Just Enough and Lily. Just Jay was away on dinghy racing supervision, hope it went well Nigel! With a westerly wind at the start Lily, having returned from an overnight at the Brickworks was busy preparing her spinnaker when a visiting american yacht motored through into the starting area as she was coming out of the marina. This put Lily on the back foot giving Just Enough an advantage over the start line. Lily playing the catch up game made good use of her symmetrical spinnaker for the first dead downwind leg with Just Enough having to veer away. By the first mark, Clipera, Lily had taken the lead and managed to hold a close spinnaker reach towards Bolivar but two thirds of the way to the mark the wind shifted making the final approach to Bolivar another dead downwind course. On Lily they decided to do a spinnaker 'float drop' as they rounded the mark but with a small fishing boat to leaward of the mark she had to bear away before getting set for the beat back to Clipera. 

lily rounding cliperaJust Enough, having gybed earlier onto starboard managed to sail to windward of the fishing boat and reduce Lily's lead, however Lily stayed ahead and both yachts continued their tacking duel back towards Clipera, Lily managed to squeeze past Clipera but Just Enough had to tack again twice to clear the mark. On the way from Clipera to the new Penrhos mark the winds increased again and Lily was somewhat overpowered in the gusts. By the time they bore away at Penrhos she had a good lead as they started a short spinnaker leg to the end of the aluminium jetty. A slightly awkward spinnaker drop again on Lily allowed Just Enough to reduce the gap a little again but Lily continued to pull away on the beat to the finish line with a clear lead as she came over the finish line.

Thanks to the New Bosun and his team for getting Penrhos back on the water. The coordinates for this mark taken on Saturday were: 53.312795°N, 4.603598°W (53° 18' 46.062'' N, 4° 36' 12.9528'' W in old money)

Series Results: [Editor: Cogger says they were trying too hard to catch Lily to take photos!]

Race 1 - 2nd April

The April Series started on Sunday 2nd April with 3 yachts back competing. There was very little wind at 13:00 and it was decided to have another rolling start at the harbour entrance. Just Enough

20170402 134650

and Lily motored out to join Just Jay at the start with the three yachts heading to Clipera as the first mark in winds from the NW gradually building. Just Enough was well to windward and got a good line down wind to the buoy leaving Just Jay and Lily vieing for position; Just Jay gaining the upper hand and both J's flying asymmetric being able to round the mark and continue towards Bolivar. Lily could not hold the required course with her symmetric spinnaker and lost ground as the yachts pressed on to the second mark. 


Lily came into her own on the beat to Langdon Ridge overhauling Just Enough and almost catching Just Jay close to the 3rd mark, but due to a disasterous tack and the tide running at Langdon Lily had to tack away again and lost ground to Just Jay. 

On the leg back to Bolivar Lily attempted to fly her large spinnaker but once again the layline to 20170402 140307Bolivar was too close for the symmetric spinnaker and she dowsed the spinnaker after only a very short time. Just Jay was now well ahead as they rounded the mark with Lily in second place and Just Enough bringing up the rear.

On the beat back to the finishLily's upwind performace cut the deficit to Just Jay a little with the elapsed time difference at the finish of some 6 minutes. FOr the results see the links below

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