At Holyhead Sailing Club we are trying to get more yacht owners involved in our club events and to increase the visibility of our club in the IRC Racing Scene by entering events organised by other bodies such as ISORA and the IRC Welsh National Championships in Pwllheli. The club runs what are known as tandem race results system where races are scored under both NHC and IRC handicaps. Two trophies are awarded for each month's series across the year and although the presentation at the AGM was very confusing, your chances of silverware are increased, so come on get registered...

The NHC handicap is a varaible handicap, like a golf handicap, which changes depending on each result in a series and aggregated over the year. The IRC handicap is based on an algorithm with data from the boat design, rigging and sails allowing your results to be compared to the theoretical performance of the yacht; this system does not change over the year, unless you make changes to the sails or rigging.

The NHC handicap is to encourage variation in the results and the IRC lets you see how your crew's performance is improving over the year. The IRC certificate varies from year to year based on a variety of different details and consequently we require a valid IRC Certificate for 2017 for anyone intending to compete in the IRC Fast Cruiser Class. Currently the club has the following yachts registered or applying for their 2017 certificates. 

  • Hierro
  • Houdini
  • Just Enough
  • Just Jay
  • Lily
  • Pipedreamer VI

Last year, the first year of the IRC Startup Scheme we also had 6 yachts who registered for the first time with the substantial discount offered by RORC/Spinlock, out of our total of 9 IRC registered yachts in the club, This year we are struggling to get the required minimum number, 5 to re-validate or register, to get the 25% discount. Please spread the word and get your yacht owning colleagues to get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quickly so that we can get as many yachts as possible registered. 

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