Due to the weather conditions on Sunday 19th March race was cancelled

There are no more races planned for March but we are intending to continue weekend racing over the spring, summer and autumn before restarting the winter series. Our next weekend race will be 2nd April 2017 so get your yacths back in asap!

We are hoping that the three yachts will soon be joined by others.... 

Race 2 Sunday 12th March

2017 03 12 Lily1Weather conditions as the teams prepared for the race were improving, a break or two in the clouds and by 12:00 the rain had ceased. The holyhead Port weather station was showing F4 gusting F5 at 275° as the winds gradually veered to WNW. The start was again delayed to allow late coming crews from the Manchester area due to the roadworks on the A55. Phil and Mark had discussed course selection for the race and this course was agreed:

  1. Start
  2. Meath (P)
  3. Langdon Ridge (S)
  4. Bolivar (S)
  5. Meath (S)
  6. Finish

2017 03 12 Lily2There was sufficient wind in the harbour this week for an exciting Spinnaker start, Lily managed to set hers as they approached the start line but initially it was almost a dead run, Just Enough off to the windward side set her asymmetric later than Lily as the wind continued to shift Lily had to bear away to keep hers flying giving Just Enough a little advantage as they raced out to Meath.

Lily was first to hoist her genoa and dowse the spinnaker getting a better approach to Meath and she took the lead as the headed on a beat to Langdon Ridge.

Just Enough had a working AIS for this race and we were able to see our speed comparison but as we started to pull away there was an horrible tearing sound as the bolt rope tape parted company with the first panel of the genoa and Lily’s crew had to take the No2 down to replace it with the No1 losing valuable time on Just Enough. By the time Lily had completed the sail change and furled the larger sail to a usable size Just Enough had a substantial lead.

The tide was running strongly at Langdon Ridge and the swell around the mark made the change of course quite alarming as we passed close by the large can! Just Enough gybed after the mark and headed down on a track was south of Bolivar while Lily attempted to stay on Starboard with her symmetric spinnaker but the tide race and swell made this very uncomfortable so she gybed to gain a better track. The race was now out of Lily's grasp but the crews enjoyed the fetch back into the harbour in some brilliant sunshine and 10kt to 15kt winds.

Total race distance 10.6Nm with Lily's top recorded speed of 8.68Kt.

Just Enough beat Lily by 7minutes and 8 Seconds over the water. Some 10 minutes and 20 seconds on corrected time.

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Race 1 Sunday 5th March

IMG 6522As the yachts prepared for the racing the weather was pretty miserable with rain and grey, low cloudy skies. There was almost no wind in the harbour but the Harbour Weather Station was showing F2 to F3 with a 170 degree angle. It was decided to motor out to the end of the harbour wall and to have a rolling start. At 13:17 the two yachts, Just Enough and Lily, shut down their engines and started to race. The course set was Clipera (p), Bolivar (s), Clipera (s), Bolivar (s) Clipera (s) and finish. It had been decided that the second lap would only happen if there was sufficent wind.


Just Enough had her Code 0 and Lily her symmetric spinnkaer all ready to hoist and the two yachts started to sail with a slight increase in the wind. Just Enough was just clear of Lily as they reached Clipera and both yachts maintained their spinnakers flying up towards Bolivar, quite a surprise here as the angle was such that Lily's symetric spinnaker should not, by all previous knowledge, have been apporpriate. The two yachts were, in Lily's estimation, overlapped by the time they got to Bolivar but they were on Port so did not have rights at the mark. It was extremely close as they turned! Lily decided not to fly her spinnaker on the leg back to Clipera which may have been a mistake. Just Enought's code 0 was in a different league and she made considerable ground before reaching Clipera for the second time. The attempt to go about with a code 0 flying was not successful and Lily caught up a lot of ground but still about 4 boat lengths behind at the mark. By now the wind strength had increased to 14 - 16Kt and Lily again decided to stick with her genoa. This time the genia performed well and Lily closed the gap as they sailed back to Bolivar. 

IMG 6543On the return leg to Clipera for the second time Just Enough, again flying her code 0, set off on a course west of the layline to Clipera while Lily hoisted her symmetric spinnaker, with a great big wineglass but sailed on a course to the east of the layline. Once she had the spinnaker sorted she was able to head up more towards the layline and again pulled back the lead that Just Enough had amassed. Leaving Clipera to starboard the two yachts vied for the best position to harden up to fetch the finish line. Lily headed up before Just Enough and made for the nuckle. Just enough went deeper and the two yachts raced in close quarters back into the harbour where the usual gusty conditions made helming and speed consistency wuite difficult. Lily reeled in the leaward boat and finally overtook Just Enough holding a 10 second advantage over the water as they crossed the finishing line. 

Another great day's sailing at Holyhead although we have to admit it was a little wet!

 The course resulted in a 19.7km as shown here on this kml inport into google maps: 


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