No report yet but results are in for 18th November 

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No report for 11th November but here are the results.

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Dinghy report 4th Nov 2017.

7 Lasers turned up in the gusting F7 harbour at Holyhead Sailing Club.
With helpers coming out of the woodwork it was decided to have RYA race officer Richard Date in launch 2 backed up by Sue as time keeper and flag men Ken and Bernie. Elfryn and Stretch manned the oppy rib to provide safety cover.


Cogger and Dave S were well and truly caught by the laser pack on the starting line, both being pinned on the pin end boat as the gun went and having to reverse off, resulting in them coming last and next to last in the two lap triangular course. Mike T covered Craigie who in turn covered Ricardo up the beat and runs. These positions didn’t change to the finishing line.


With 7 Lasers tacking and covering each other up the beat the inevitable happened when a monster gust hit the fleet, Jamie B in son Harri’s Radial Laser on port was unable to miss Craigie’s starboard call and T Boned him (please refer to Craigie’s GoPro coverage of the ramming moment complete with Jaws music on Holyhead sailors posting). Jamie got flung forward and head butted his kicking strap cleat. As Jamie said later a little bit of blood mixed with water goes a long way. He said sorry as Gentleman Jamie would and headed to the beach to recover his composure. The safety rib of Elfryn and Stretch went to beach to check Jamie was ok i.e. That he had’t broken his nose.
Gareth noticed that Cogger’s plan to get close to the beach and have a rest had backfired resulting in him planting his mast into the shallows twice and stood by shouting words of “encouragement”.


Racing resumed with the return of safety rib and pin end boat where there was a call of OCS with sound signal at the start. Mike T returned to start line only to find out he was clear and it was Cogger pushing it who also got in the way for Dave S start with a lot of sorrys being shouted by Cogger.
Mike worked his socks off to get back in the lead just before the finish.
Cragie had more jam than Hartley’s and survived many close capsizes.
Ricardo finished 2nd with Gareth 3rd but losing out on handicap by 9 seconds to Cragie but he still beat Cogger by 4 seconds. It just goes to show there’s only seconds in it with these 10 Minute races.


This race will be remembered for the silver fox Ricardo’s screams of annoyance at himself as he was leading all the way around the sausage course, only to gybe at the bottom mark with the laser wolf pack right behind him and roll it in. He went from 1st to 5th in seconds.
How everybody missed him in the roundup at the mark boat was pure, luck it was mayhem just ask Stretch. First to finish was Mike T then Gareth who went to 5th on handicap. 2nd was Cragie 4 seconds ahead of 3rd Cogger who was 3 seconds ahead of 4th Ricardo, who was 3 seconds ahead of Gareth - one bad gust cost a lot only seconds between the fleet.

Jamie’s nose wasn’t broken and he met the returning fleet on the slipway becoming trolley dolly and even towed the blue rib home to the dinghy compound.
Much banter was expressed in the apres sail tea and biscuits (supplied by Hon Sailing Sec Dawn)
All ready for next weekend Saturday 11 o’clock meet, start at 12 - 4 races back to back.

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Dinghy results Saturday 28th October 2017.

A big thank you to Jim and Bernie in oppy blue rib for providing safety cover

And Sue and Sion in club launch 2 for Mark laying boat. Without you guys it wouldn’t have been possible.


Race 1

With 4 lasers all deciding to use Radial sails the timing element for the finish was kindly removed from the proceedings. This was a wise decision as

Dinghy report 3rd December 2016.

5 Lasers turned up to be greeted by Geraint, Jane and Mal already on Calibre the committee boat and Efryn in the safety launch. A big Thank you for your support in the cold and lumpy conditions.
Cragie started the day by going to the top of Just Enough’s mast a J92 in the Marina. He was freezing wrapping his legs around that metal mast in the cold NE wind straight from Russia.
He was happier later when reacquainted with the watch he had inadvertently left in gents showers the week before.


IMG 1809Craigie spotted the port bias on the line and was heard chuckling to himself as he just cleared the bow of Capt Gareth who tacked and created mayhem in front of John B on starboard. There was a lot of screaming going on.
The first to capsize was Craigie as the wind started picking up with white horses and lumpy seas rolling down the harbour.
John was leading at the windward mark on the second beat but the red mist came down when he went to the wrong red mark (NE instead of NW) allowing Capt Gareth to sneak in and take line honours and the bullet in the 25 min 56 sec race.



A big Thank you to OOD Geraint and Jane for crewing good ship committee boat Colibra..

With Mally off driving his new car he kindly lent Colibra to OOD Geraint and timekeeper Jane to be committee boat.

The harbour was looking good with 10 Oppies - the N Wales squad out training.

Malcolm D stepped up to the mark by driving the windward mark and safety boat.
The windward mark was laid right outside the Marina café window much to the enjoyment of Cogger

John Burnell wins! Its about time!

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After a 120 mile drive leaving in thick fog and -4 from Stockport Dave S couldn't believe the crystal blue skies and light F2-3 NE winds and uttered those famous words “Holymed”.
Geraint, Jane and Mally manned the good ship “Colibra” as committee boat.
Jim and Connor manned the safety blue rib.
Cragie turned up suffering from the effects of being the compare at the annual prize dinner and presentation night a whole week ago and a bit of man flu became official photographer and Pin end launch man. Having his brunch on the starting line - a bacon sandwich and hot drink didn't help the fleet of hardened sailors.

Race 1.
Ricardo won the start. John B went the wrong way up the beat and got a lift up the breakwater in the light NE wind. Cogger was second to the windward mark but got rolled to leeward by the silver fox wearing his new sailing watch - an early birthday present (do not ask how old!) who did a reverse flow over the sail on the dead down wind leg. Back to the books to check this one out.
John B took line honours in the 32 min race with Ricardo beating Cogger by 4 seconds.

Dave M was a true gentleman by gybing around at the windward mark as Cogger came across on starboard, other people would have luffed and hoped.
Dave S got clear wind at the committee boat end as the others tried to take advantage of the gap alongside the Pin end boat and line as the starting line was at the bow.
He was leading up the beat but got a bit lost on the reach due to a right battle royal going on behind him in the radial pack resulting to him gybing when he didn't have too.
John B took the line honours and the bullet in the 30 minute race.
Ricardo beat Cogger by 2 seconds for second.

John B was stuffed at the start by Ricardo who wouldn't let him in as he was barging, causing John to tack gybe and then start. You could hear the Laser pack shouting “there’s no room at the inn”, followed by Craigie’s “they have started John yer going the wrong way” which didn't help his concentration.
Ricardo took line honours and the bullet in the 30 minute race.
Dave M’s feet were dropping off so retired to the beach before frostbite took hold of his feet. Crimbo present suggestion for Nia some waterproof socks.

The gloves came off for this one with Ricardo being covered tack for tack all the way up the beat at the last count it was 20 plus. Cragie’s comment summed it up perfectly
“Thought Ricardo's boat weighed more as Cogger was sat on it”
Cogger should have hung on in there but he was concerned John B was getting away with it as no competition in the big boys fleet this week resulting in Ricardo wiggling free.
John took line honours and The bullet with Ricardo beating Cogger by 2 seconds.

It was great to see Dave M being trolley dolly for the rest of fleet once his feet had warmed up.
In John’s words “I had some naff starts but cream always rises to the top”, yer right John it was a long time coming well 24 races actually.

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Thanks to Geraint, Jane and Mal on committee boat , Jim and Connor on rib and photographer Craigie in the Pin end boat.

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Racing next Saturday December 3rd

first race 13:00 be there while you can.
Committee boat booked.
Found in gents Saturday evening sailing watch unless claimed it's Cogger’s Christmas present to himself.









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