Dinghy report Nov 12th 2016


With phone calls from Stockport and Manchester at 8:30 am “is it on it's pouring here” the reply was “Cors it's on its  Holymed here blue sky's bit windy but forecasted to drop”.

The committee boat Calibre was on station  a full 45 mins before the start manned by Geraint “ Washie”  Pritchard and Mally. Once the Little blue rib manned by Jim P and Ken N and launch with the Two Phils were up and running battle commenced with two new lasers entering the fray.

The first new entry was  Tom FC fresh from winning the J 70  something or other on south coast. The second newbie was Hannah P University women match racing champion 2014. Harry B in only his second outing in 4.7 laser rig learnt the hard way how to get his laser up ease  the kicker after rolling in on the way to starting line with white horses starting to appear in the gusts.

The Massey Ferguson award went to  his Dad for going out with no battens, he hastily retired from race one and headed to the beach. Cogger felt like a quick fit fitter as soon as he pumped up his flat trolley wheel another two boats turned up asking for air.



39B1E9677FB340609D5DF9D18DCFE9C9The Pin end launch caused some excitement as it started to drift backwards with 30 seconds to the start but Phil bad back Livingston the reason he wasn't sailing quickly kicked it  into gear to save the day and get racing underway. At the top mark it was 4 abreast going around it that's how close the racing is now at HSC. Mike T hit the second windward mark with his boom just as he was round it causing a chorus of “ do yer turn” from the baying  Laser pack. Tom FC took the bullet and line honours in the 17 min 38 second race with Ricardo 7 seconds behind on corrected time.






Ken on Incantation stepped up to the mark by offering himself and yacht for this week’s Saturday dinghy races. Geraint OOD and Jane completed the motley crew.

Selfie for Committee Boat Crew

Jim P, Mal on blue rib and Simon P and Nigel manned the safety boat and pin end mark respectively. The only complaint was the fact they all kept having hot drinks but gave funny looks to the competitors when asked for hot chocolate. 

DSC 0014 17
Ricardo Roberts 4 races 4 bullets , he's  selling it for faster one !

Race 1.

Anybody looking from the beach would have thought they were in Australia with Gareth P sailing up and down the line with AUS emblazoned on his squeaky clean new sail straight from the the Laser Masters Worlds, it won a race there.

Dinghy report Saturday 15th October 2016.

15 boats turned up last Saturday a record for HSC.
4 Radial Lasers, 6 Lasers full rig ,1- 4.7 Laser rig helmed by cadet member Harri, an RS Vario, and 3 Oppies.


Ricardo Roberts blasted into the lead leaving the Radials wondering where his boat speed had come from. Then they Sussed it he had changed sails from last week and was on big boys full sail. The Dick of the Day Award went to Gareth P who rigged his boat for the first time this year only to find a mouse had eaten his sail, he quickly borrowed a sail only to make the race start to find out it had no battens in so had to retire to the beach to get some from his eaten sail.

Next Race this Saturday 29th October,

13:00 start 4 races back to back

Ken on Incantation saved the day by offering to be the committee boat for the OOD Geraint “Washie” Pritchard who had just flown back from Barcelona for the event.
Simon P offered to man the Pin end mark boat. Elfryn and Connor manned the safety boat.
The rest of the backroom boys and girls were made up of Jane, Mal, and Emma on the committee boat.


IMG 1811
The moment Craigie 461 won the race and series by taking John Burnell

With the easterly wind F2-3 the course was set for 2 laps of the triangular course - Committee boat line beat to NE buoy, yellow Mackenzie buoy, back around committee boat twice. Mike Thorne somehow managed to pick up the protection 3 Foot buoy off the back of the committee boat and sailed down the line weaving between the boats screaming “trying to dump this” and dumped it in the pin end boat just before the start.

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Dinghies 20161015

Phil Livingston zooming past .... Could be tricky!!!

 IMG 2234











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