With thanks to Tony at Holyhead Lifeboat Station for forwarding this info.

Stena Line Ports Ltd January 2018
Holyhead Port Authority



A 30 foot vessel with super structure has sunk in Holyhead Marina.
Position: 53* 19” 219 N – 004*38*723 W
Mariners are advised that the sunken vessel shows at low water springs, and is just below the water on
At present there are buoys marking the wreck but nothing substantial at this time.
Mike Coates
Assistant Harbour Master
Port of Holyhead

Club Sailing Dates 2018.

Below we have published below the current version of our Club Sailing events which are fixed at this time. 

The full ISORA Race schedule is on this link: http://www.isora.org/index.php/racing/2018-race-schedule

A number of away races have been listed which we think our members might be interested in. 

We are hopeful of running the Two Peaks, Ynys Llanddwyn and East Mouse races again this year. Watch this space! 


The Sunday race didn’t look like it was going to happen with a thick sea mist and very little wind in the harbour. However the sun was breaking through as we prepared for the 14:00 start and we confidently agreed a course of Bolivar, Meath, Bolivar, Penrhos, Clipera and finish as the forecast was for a steady 10kt Northerly winds out in the bay.

4 yachts lined up for the start with Rhumbull getting a good start in the fickle light airs, confirmed by the Port Control calls to the ferries. Hydrology in second place stayed windward of Flair as they headed out into the mist with Vision following. The visibility was around 2 cables so the fog horns were blasting accompanied by the horns on the ferry leaving port. The ghostly images of Northwestern buoy then the Aluminum Jetty appeared out of the mist and the competitors were clear to cross out of the harbour. Now there was no sign, from Flair, of Rhumbull and Hydrology was also slowly disappearing into the mist.

Race 1 2018-06-06

This week’s Wednesday evening race was again sailed in fantastic weather conditions with a 10kt NE wind and very little swell. As the 5 racing yachts lined up for the start the OOD Jash called for a special course, i.e. one not listed on our course cards, of Penrhos, Bolivar, Penrhos, Clipera and finish. This was to take full advantage of the NE winds giving long windward and downwind legs with a broad reach to the finish.

The 5 yachts for this weeks race were Rhumbull, Flair IV, Carpe Diem, Madam Wen and Vision. Good to see some new boats out for their first Wednesday evening race!

From the start Rhumbull made the pace with Flair pulling ahead of Carpe Diem and Madam Wen as they passed the Aluminium Jetty and bore away down to Penrhos. Flair had problems with releasing the pin on her spinnaker pole so did not fly her kite and lost out to all except Vision who does not run in the spinnaker class. However at Penrhos, Flair was a few boat lengths clear of Carpe Diem closely followed by Madam Wen.

Soon it will be time to register for the Round Anglesey Race for this year.  Unfortunately The Round Anglesey Race website  has not been updated and is still showing information about the 2017 race. It is a shame that this prestigious race does not get the support it should! 

We have heard from Mike Butterfield, the Race Officer that a number of people are interested in crewing so if you're short on crew numbers please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Notice of Race is shown on this link courtesy of Liverpool Yacht Club.