Report on the HSC Round Anglesey Race 2021 

2 stage race


This event was the second running of the Round Anglesey Race but due to Covid restrictions we had not marketed the event widely due to uncertainties about the regulations which might have applied. As it happens it took place on the day when most of the Welsh Government Restriction were lifted.

The concept was born out of concerns that the original Round Anglesey Race run by Menai Bridge Boat Club where entries had to sail west through the Swellies just after the race start was a blocker for many yachties. The suggestion therefore was to motor through the Swellies and start on the Western side. This concept then allowed Holyhead Sailing Club to consider a 2 stage race to allow for a 2 stage race from Holyhead clockwise to Menai Bridge for a social gathering and an overnight stop before motoring through the Swellies and starting from the area in front of Plas Newydd.

The race was also then set up for elapsed times to try to get the competitors to arrive around the same time at Menai Bridge and then again at Holyhead.  

As this worked well in 2020, see the report in this link, the 2021 event was set up to follow the same format. This was the group at Menai Bridge last year: 


Briefing and Race Preparations

Initially the entries had reached 12, an increase on last year’s entries,

2nd Running of the HSC RAR

Due to the poor forecast a couple of entries have now dropped out so we are back down to 10 entries like last year. See below for the full race instructions where you will also find the Entry Form and the link to the WhatsApp group.

Current entries are:

Summer wine
Flair IV
Katanya 2


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HSC RAR 2020

What a great event! Even if I say so myself. The weather was way better than the forecast although there was always likely to be some rough waters around the north coast of Anglesey. 

As the traditional Round Anglesey Race was not being held this year due to Covid-19 and had not been well supported over the last couple of years we had been discussing a different Round Anglesey Race [RAR]; a two stage race starting at Holyhead Harbour and sailing clockwise round to Menai Bridge on the Saturday; then sailing from Menai Bridge to Holyhead, again clockwise, on the Sunday. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its lockdown features we’ve been trying to engage with more of our members on a regular basis and to get them interested in spending more time on the water so we’re keen to share the local knowledge of our long term sailing members. Over the last couple of years I had been in conversation with Matt Heald at LYC and Cris Miles from Conwy looking at the pros and cons of a modification to the race format. Whilst there is still a goal to have both races, the single race from Menai Bridge round ending at Menai Bridge and a 2 stage race the circumstances of this year gave us the opportunity to test the theory. Clearly this was a very late decision and a clash with the IRC Welsh Championships at Pwllheli so it was unrealistic to expect many entries from other clubs. Of course the issue of no marina for the visiting yachts at Holyhead makes it more difficult to get additional boats from other clubs at this time. For some reason many yachties are not in favour of swinging moorings even those with an efficient launch service like here at Holyhead.

Watch for details of next year’s HSC RAR 2021! We're planning it now!

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