Moorings Update as of 2019-04-24

With our moorings filling up now at a rate of knots we are continuing to work on the replacement of those moorings lost and damaged by traffic through our moorings area over the winter, this has been and continues to be a significant amount of work. We are now waiting for Caernarfon Harbour Trust to complete the installation of an additional 6 moorings which they were unable to achieve on their last period of working. We hope these will be completed during next week.

Cleaning your mooring before you arrive: It has been noted that a number of members have complained about the state of their moorings on their arrival. Whilst we try to make sure that they are cleaned before the known arrival date we cannot do this if our moorings holders do not inform us of their intended date of arrival. An email was sent to all the Mooring Holders for 2019 who have an email address with a prepared email button for you to send back details of your intended arrival date. This information is then updated with the Moorings Team and cleaning is scheduled on this basis. Some of you have contact the office rather than using the email and this too is perfectly acceptable. However if you have not given us details of your anticipated arrival date then it is not appropriate to complain. We have just sent out email to all our moorings holders on this subject.

This is highly significant as in just over a week we are hosting the ISORA race fleet on the evening of May 4th following the finish of the race from Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead and we may need to make moorings available for these yachts.


Previous update

Once again our moorings are fully subscribed for this year and we are currently contracting Caernarfon Harbour Trust to carry out maintenance on the club's swinging moorings. New for this year we have re-organised the allocation of moorings to ensure that similar vessels are moored on adjacent moorings to avoid differential swings. The allocation has been carried out by the moorings committee and all moorings holders have been advised of their new locations. We have placed motor vessels and multihulls at the ends of the trots as their swing areas are significantly different to keel boats. There are some moorings which have not been found. A review of these will be carried out and decisions made on their replacement. 

donut mooring buoyThis year we are trialing donut shaped mooring buoys for those yachts requiring bridals. If these prove to be satisfactory the intention is to upgrade all our moorings to donut buoys over the next couple years. An additional advantage of these types of moorings is that there will not be the floating lines to the pickup buoys which have caused a number of prop foulings. These mooring buoys are approximately 650mm in diameter and have a central connection point for the strop to the yacht. A chain runs through the centre of the buoy to a shackle connection to the strop or bridal. 

This year we have re-structured our launch drivers cohort and we have now appointing a senior Launch Driver and one new person along with Sion and Stretch who we are pleased to say are continuing with us this year.





Our Moorings Team is now:

  1. Colin Davies (Senior Launch Driver)
  2. David Drury (Stretch)
  3. Sion Owens
  4. Kurt Williams
  5. Rebecca Millar (Reserve Lauch Driver)

The launch drivers will have specific tasks to carry out when they are not busy and will report to one of the Directors, Mark, for oversight of the senior launch driver, covering rotas and moorings cleaning. Another one of the Directors, Wendy, will be overseeing the maintenance of the dinghy park, the car parking area and the cleaning of the slipway which will also use the spare time of the launch drivers. Kim has oversight of the running of the launches, and Nigel takes responsibility for the club ribs.  

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