As members of the club you will by now have received the notice of the EGM and the AGM to be held on November 25th starting at 12:30. The papers for the EGM and AGM will be published on the Club Website, once I have checked on a few items for clarity. 

The issue

Update: Comment from the Commodore

Following a discussion I had with Nigel Dennis the Commodeore I have had this response: 

"....As we are so close to the date when all the information re the EGM and AGM are to be sent out, we think its best for all the members to receive the official club documentation first. Hopefully many questions will be answered when people have the full facts to read."

The lack of detail being published about the EGM Proposals is causing concern amongst the membership. Back in August in an email from Holyhead Sailing Club members were told:

“... immediately prior to the AGM, we will be having an EGM to vote on whether to change the structure of the club from an unincorporated Members’ Club, to a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee.”

To date there has been no publication of any further details and there are now some important questions being asked about this proposal to change the structure at an EGM in November. Prompted by a very timely question from Ken Naylor and responses from Craig Hughes on the Holyhead Sailor’s Facebook group page,  I thought it would be appropriate to publicise this on the Club Website to help members understand the issues involved in the proposed changes to the Club's structure. The feedback so far is developing into a considerable discussion document which is available on this LINK

One of the member's comments provided a link to the RYA "Legal Structure of your club". This is a very comprehensive document and worth reading in full. 

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the original author and other members of the club who have contributed. Content on this website does not necessarily represent the views of the management committee.

Written by Mark Rosenthal 2017-10-21

Current Feedback: 

“I think it is high time this motion was explained in detail by the management committee so that the negative aspect can be discussed in detail with the club members”.  Anon

"I feel the positives of becoming incorporated far outweigh the negatives, which are few. The ageing clubhouse is one such liability that concerns me. If a yacht is damaged through negligence of the club, or a staff member suffers a workplace injury and sues then currently we are very exposed. Becoming incorporated is a no brainer." Jonathan Fox

"Please can we have a list of the people standing as candidates for Directors" Anon

"What form of Limited Company is being considered?" Anon

You can make comments or raise questions using the form below. The form is also available at this link. You can use the form as many times as you want to record your feedback and if you prefer not to be named, you may leave your feedback anonymously.

moorings post ophelia 1Following the very high wind conditions at Holyhead Monday evening and overnight into the morning of Tuesday 17th October I am pleased to inform you that only minor damage to sail covers and furled jibs was caused to yachts on the moorings. A great confirmation of the benefits of our moorings here at Holyhead Sailing Club. 

Brett is keeping me informed and we will be notifying the owners who have incurred some damage during the course of today. 

EU45 Anti Foul Member's Offer 2017

Here is a link to this year's order form.

Following the success of the Member’s Anti-foul Offer from last year where we got to the maximum discount rate we are hoping to reach the same heights with this year’s offer. As you will see from the table in Stuart’s email, attached below, we need to get an order of 40+ tins to reach this 34.41% price reduction. For more information go to EU45 website


The feedback I have had from members is mostly very positive, with a single complaint from Phil on Just Enough that after his several attempts to make his J92 go quicker, to match the performance expected of his handicap, he has worn through the 3 coats he put on. Way too much scrubbing Phil!

I seem to recall that the launches were painted with a mixture of old antifoul and EU45 which may explain why that was not so successful.





Quote: “Meridian out yesterday for the winter and EU45 antifoul seems to have worked well. Just a bit of slime and spotless after a quick wash.”

There are two upcoming event notices for you to look at:

2017 talks


WInter Talks taking place on Thursdays through the winter.

Our first event is 19th October at 20:00hrs with Paddy Corcoran talking about The Coastguard.

HalloweenFor full details click on the poster.

Our second event notice is for Halloween; there are two parties, one for the kids (not including Cogger) and the other for the rest of us... 


hsc bannerRunning Your Club

Can I remind club members that we need to plan for the running of Holyhead Sailing Club next year.
At our AGM on 25 th November, members will need to elect the committee to run the club. This time
around it is more complicated because immediately prior to the AGM, we will be having an EGM to
vote on whether to change the structure of the club from an unincorporated Members’ Club, to a
Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee.

Therefore, the Notice Board, which is always ‘up’ in the club bar during the month of August, calls for
nominations for the 2 possible outcomes at this EGM.

If we vote against becoming a Ltd Company then we will need officers plus a management
committee. On the Board, this is on the left hand side and headed as OPTION 1. If we vote to
become a Ltd Company, we will need Directors, and in order to give some continuity, the 3 flag
officers. This is on the right hand side of the Board and headed OPTION 2.

There is still [just] an opportunity for members to be proposed for the forthcoming year. It is quite a
challenge to try and get the club functioning for the best interests of all the members, while staying
financially sound, compliant with everything we have to do, and still moving forward with members’

Lots of you like a challenge.

Please consider standing. Names must be entered on the board by close of play on August 31st.
Signature of the proposer and seconder are needed. If your proposer/seconder are not able to
physically sign the board, Nigel Dennis (Commodore) and/or myself are happy to propose or second

Sue James
Rear Commodore