Due to the requirements to use the slipway for access to and from the Club Moorings via the launch at low water conditions we have been provided with a number of prestine concrete blocks from Mona Precast Anglesey Ltd. We are now struggling to get through the red tape to allow us to place these blocks alongside the slipway to protect the people gaining access to the launches.

The above plan shows the area where the block jetty would be placed. As this is a temporary safety measure we have asked Rhun Ap Iorwerth our AM to see if we can circumvent the lengthy and costly process of gaining suitable approval.


Please be advised of the following update to LNtM_6_18

Updated information

All unauthorised vessels are to keep out of the Marina area for the foreseeable future whilst pontoon recovery work is ongoing.  The Marina are disconnecting tethers and buoying off -  so the entire area will be dotted with pot buoy markers.  There will be floating rope particularly at low water so there is a risk of vessels catching ropes in props if they navigate within the Marina area. Holyhead  Port Control will advise visiting vessels to avoid the entire Marina area when they request access to the New harbour.

The Marina Salvage vessel has commenced removal of continuous float walkway units still tethered within the lease area.  The Salvage vessel call sign is “Cloudy” and will be working on Vhf Ch. 37 and listening on Vhf Ch. 14. 

The method of work involves winching the jointing module from each side, cutting the tether shackles, roping off and dropping the tether to the seabed marked with a pot buoy for retrieval and inspection later. 

Grapple and retrieval operations will continue.

Many thanks

Mike Coates
Assistant HM

Stena Line Ports Ltd

Holyhead Port Authority

May 2018

Mariners are advised that two Special Mark buoys have been placed at: 

53,19.35N 004,38.63W and 53,19.25N 004,38.46W

As the containment boom has now been removed, the position of these marks now outlines the extremities of the Holyhead Marina area.

If navigating beyond these marks, please be aware that although vessel wrecks have been removed, there is still some debris on the seabed.  Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution if navigating in this area, and to contact Holyhead Marina on:

Office: 01407 764 242 Mob: 07714 292 990

Holyhead Marina use VHF CH37

Anchoring in this area is temporarily prohibited.

Mike Coates
Assistant Harbour Master
Port of Holyhead


Mooring of Pipeline

Today, May 22nd 2018, an operation will commence that involves towing in two pipelines to the New Harbour.

The first (176 meters) will be towed in at 0800 this morning and moored up alongside Soldiers Quay.

The second (610 meters) will be towed in on Thursday and anchored at the following positions [see map below]:

Low tide access to Moorings

Due to the marina's insurance restrictions, we have been informed that no-one other than marina staff can access the marina pontoon for the next few weeks. You are advised that this may cause delays in getting on and off the club launch to access your boat on the moorings around low water. As normal please use channel 37 (M1) to find out where to meet.

Please bear with us as we work around the changed situation following the marina devastation.