Low tide access to Moorings

Due to the marina's insurance restrictions, we have been informed that no-one other than marina staff can access the marina pontoon for the next few weeks. You are advised that this may cause delays in getting on and off the club launch to access your boat on the moorings around low water. As normal please use channel 37 (M1) to find out where to meet.

Please bear with us as we work around the changed situation following the marina devastation.

Newsletter from the Commodore

So this season is now started and the boats are coming back onto the moorings. Today there are 20 or so boats on the moorings. People have been asking about launching from the marina boatyard. The arrangements are that boats are being given launch dates, and once launched get an escort through the marina recovery area. Then the booms are opened for a short period to allow the launched boats out of the area.

We have appointed three launch drivers for the season – Sion Wyn Owens is back for another season and is joined by Dave Drury and Toby Brooksbank. Together with bosun Brett Barker, the staff are ready to welcome and help members on the moorings.

This year our moorings are full – with just a few available still for smaller craft. This gives us a problem in accommodating visitors to Holyhead. We are hoping to arrange with the harbourmaster for a designated anchoring area, [we will keep you updated on this as soon as we know] but in the meantime would ask that members inform the office or the bosun of any periods of time that they know they will not be using their mooring so that we can accommodate at least a few visitors.

Please note – those of you who have an attachment to a particular mooring space – it is a very difficult task to fit everyone in who has asked for moorings and therefore some of you will find that you have been given a different mooring. Please be tolerant!

We have extended the launch service hours for this season: They can be seen on this link:

Launch Times

Access to the Launch Service at low tide

With the marina no longer functioning fully, and the area of the sea bed and marina carpark being a work site, so we are no longer allowed to use the marina for accessing the launch so please call the launch drivers on Ch 37 (M1) from the vhf by the bosun locker to find out where to meet.

Please note that you must take care - it is a work zone and there may well be hazards to watch out for.

Our Launches

Some of you will have seen that Launch 1 is now sporting a vivid pink livery. This is because we are intending to support the local cancer unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Watch this space for further events around this.

Launch 2 was sadly lost in the marina disaster, but we have been paid by our insurers and have replaced it with a new workboat – a Cygnus 19, which came from West Kirby sailing Club.

Meet ‘n Greet

On April 28th, Saturday, we are holding the annual members’ Meet ‘n Greet event – an opportunity to meet up with people you’ve not met before and some you have. We hope to arrange for the RNLI to come and offer life jacket checks that day – but more info coming soon.

…… And finally

Don’t forget to let Brett know when you are coming on to your mooring – or you will find that it is mucky, dirty and slimy.

Wishing you all a good sailing season

Kim Argyle, Commodore

We have now finished the work on the moorings - so all trots are in service.  We still have a number of moorings that have been lost/sunk over the winter - and these are scattered throughout the trots. Work on retrieving these will start on April 23rd. 

It is essential that you let the office or the bosun know when you intend to return as we may need to put you on a temporary mooring for the time being. Also, if you do not let us know you will most likely find that your mooring is dirty.

There are also some issues regarding access to the launch service at low water. We are now able to use the marina landing pontoon, but only in accordance with the Marina's risk assessment, because this is a work site. Therefore, HSC members are only allowed past the fence by the car park barrier if they are escorted by HSC staff. Wait for the launch driver by the cafe, or call them on ch 37 from the vhf by the bosun locker door.

Follow these links for information on:

Launch Times

Mooring Rates

We will be updating the situation as we get more information but for now here is a video taken 2018-03-30; one full month from the disaster. 


Marine Safety and Information Circular 1/2018

This Marine Safety and Information Circular is in support of and an update to LNtM 4_2018 (Holyhead Marina)

Ongoing efforts are being made to recover wrecks from the seabed. This will mean that divers will be operating in the boomed area and beyond on occasions.

Dive Support Vessels will be contactable on VHF Ch14.   

Ongoing surveys of the seabed are continuing in the New Harbour.

Mariners are reminded that care should be taken when navigating in the New Harbour.

Jet Skis and similar craft are asked to avoid this area completely while diving operations are in progress.


Michael Coates

Assistant Harbour Master

Stena Line Ports Limited, Stena House, Port Control, Holyhead, Anglesey, LL65 1DQ

Phone: +44 (0)1407 606775  Mobile: +44 (0) 7540 540545


Yesterday while I was up at the club I noted Cogger sat on the slipway with his RC Lasers. Here is a drone video taken by Huw:

Cogger says: "Match racing at Holymed first races since Emma came to town. To book a go contact Cogger. Please bring batteries, there's a free cup of tea maybe even a biscuit.

Let's get Sailing back in Holymed, We had 11 of these model yachts here years ago and Cogger is offering to fix yours at cost of parts. He already has 12 rechargeable batteries full charged ready to go!

Contact Cogger via the Sailing Club, alternatively, if you're in Holyhead, just ask for me around lifeboat station or pop into club to have free cup of tea. Then lets get your to have a go.