A quick update on the currently arranged social events at the club. This is a provisional listing

Saturday 20th April Easter Disco
Saturday 4th May ISORA Race Finish at Holyhead with the band FLUX
Saturday 18th May Pirate Festival Brainstorming meeting 18:30
Saturday 25th May North Wales Armed Forces Day and freedom of Anglesey
Saturday 22nd June Mid summer bash - Video Horse Racing and Disco
Saturday 3rd August  British Longdistance Swimming Weekend
Bank Holiday weekend 24/25th August Pirate Festival and Fun Weekend - "Live Band Many years from now"
Sunday 25th August  Treasure hunt
Saturday 28th September Annual Beer-Cider & Wine festival + Band
Saturday 2nd November Kids Halloween Party
Saturday 16th November  Annual General Meeting & Dinner
Sunday 15th December Kids Christmas Party
Wednesday 1st January Open House with the Coffin Dodgers. 


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