A quick update on the currently arranged social events at the club. This is a provisional listing

Saturday 20th April Easter Disco
Saturday 4th May ISORA Race Finish at Holyhead with the band FLUX
Saturday 18th May Pirate Festival Brainstorming meeting 18:30
Saturday 25th May North Wales Armed Forces Day and freedom of Anglesey
Saturday 22nd June Mid summer bash - Video Horse Racing and Disco
Saturday 3rd August  British Longdistance Swimming Weekend
Bank Holiday weekend 24/25th August Pirate Festival and Fun Weekend - "Live Band Many years from now"
Sunday 25th August  Treasure hunt
Saturday 28th September Annual Beer-Cider & Wine festival + Band
Saturday 2nd November Kids Halloween Party
Saturday 16th November  Annual General Meeting & Dinner
Sunday 15th December Kids Christmas Party
Wednesday 1st January Open House with the Coffin Dodgers. 


racenight 2019 02 22

2018 03 15 Winter Talk

A quick link to the photographs taken by Dewi at the Dinner on Saturday 24th November. (Click on the photo to see the other pictures.)

With many thanks to everyone involved in getting this organised and special thanks to Dawn

sitting in the foreground on the right.

Paddy Corcoran Senior Maritime Operations Officer

(SMOO) at HM Coastguard, Holyhead

In the first of the Winter Talks at Holyhead Sailing Club on Thursday Evening Paddy gave a valuable insight to the structure and procedures of H M Coastguard. The Coastguard encourage visits at Holyhead CGOC, however Holyhead CGOC is a government controlled building and therefore all visits must be arranged in advance.

Paddy stressed that the SAR side of the Coastguard was a heavily regulated process and this at times may seem a little slow  but he stressed that this was to ensure that the planning and methods used within the rescue were correct and competent.

In preparing SAR plans for the extensive area covered by the Holyhead Station he explained the various partner organisations which they use for different types of rescues, how the location and diversity of the situations required different types of emergency responders.

Things we ‘yachties’ can do to help: