Holyhead Sailing Club AGM November 24th 2018

A short report on this year’s AGM which was held, as normal, at the Clubhouse at 13:00 although the start was a little delayed. The Commodore, Kim Argyle, Opened the meeting with a welcome and a minutes silence for those members who had passed away over the year.

The meeting then moved onto a briefing on the year from Nigel Dennis, the chairman of the board, before Sue James, the company secretary gave her report.

The main items on the agenda, changes to our ByLaws were then taken in turn with all the changes being discussed with the members before being voted on.

Initially the minor changes to the bylaws were approved with the rules of membership getting a good number of comments and questions from the floor, as did the issue of quora for sub committees. This particular proposed change was amended and quora of 3 members, including 1 director was adopted for sub committees.

The revised bylaws will be posted on the website shortly after the amendments have been carried out. 

Details of the new CIC company can be seen on the website on this link:  Details of the CIC Company

Cpt Simon (left) Kim Argyle (right)

Cpt. Simon was voted in as a Vice President following the sad demise of Bob Thompson. Here Cpt SImon is pictured on the left receiving his award for his work in the sailing club from the Commodore, Kim Argyle

After the presentation of some of the prizes the meeting was closed although re-opened to ensure that the Accounts and the Minutes of the AGM from 2017 had been formally approved.

After the AGM there was a small moorings informal meetings where the discussions revolved around the long term future of the moorings in the light of likely developments in the harbour following the demise of the marina.

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