Following discussions over the last few weeks the Management Committee have reached a decision on a new contract with Caernarfon Harbour Trust to service our club’s moorings for 2018.

We are still looking at options for the future but it was decided, during these discussions, that in order to achieve maximum use for our moorings for this season we would draw up a contract with the CHT. The work is anticipated to take about 3 - 4 days and is programmed to be completed during the first two weeks in March.

The options we have been considering include:  

  1. The club obtaining a suitable craft for the Bosun to carry out this work in future years. A number of vessels have been considered but a full business benefit study will be required along with an analysis of how well the contract with Caernarfon Harbour Trust works.
  2. Possibility of contracts with other contractors who own suitable craft

In reviewing the options there are concerns over suitability, responsibility and insurance cover as well as costs and reliability.

The contract with CHT provides suitable insurance for the vessel and the planned works; our Bosun, Brett, will be tasked with checking and photographing the mooring risers and connections; the trots will be straightened and repositioned so that all our moorings are in the prescribed area.

We are looking forward to a great season with well spaced moorings!

Our heartfelt thanks to all involved in making this happen.


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