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Post from Ken

“At the next annual meeting of Holyhead Sailing Club in November I understand the Committee is going to recommend that the club changes its status from an Unincorporated Members Club to an Incorporated Company, Limited by Guarantee.

Reaction from Sailing Club members seems mixed.

I've done a bit of digging on the 'net and found the attached Information sheet prepared by the RFU which seems to succinctly spell out the pros and cons of becoming Incorporated.

It seems to me that other than the more onerous year end reports there are many benefits to be gained. Am I missing something?”

[Comment from the author: Strictly speaking the motion will be proposed at an GEM prior to the AGM in November.]

Craig Hughes the posted two very helpful responses.

Posts from Craig

“The usual triggers for becoming incorporated are: income in excess of £50k, employment of staff, having a lease or mortgage, engaging in potentially dangerous activities (for which sailing s classed as one). There are many different legal structures which can be adopted, however, the main reason is that the incorporated business becomes the liable entity should the organisation be faced by a legal action. Currently, as a members club, we the members are all individually liable, although someone taking the club to court is within their rights to select one or more members to target.”


“Essentially the club is run as a business and therefore should have the correct legal structure to do so. there are many other reasons why it should be incorporated, sports development grants, and public funding opportunities.”

This link was supplied by Louise Hampson saying: Just to conclude, here is the RYA link
The RYA article on Club Legal Structure

Post from Dawn Russell

Dawn Russell Just a quick reply - have read all of this - didnt want to reply - but have to.
The hsc committee are looking to become Ltd at the request of the membership - at a previous agm request. The committee at HSC has considered and acted upon and is covered by insurance for current activites they 'do' on behalf of the membership.
we as a committee are aware and are in contact with the RYA and their current policies and advice on becoming a Ltd company. 
We on the committee are working hard on this for the benefit of HSC.

Our egm and agm are at the end of November - as per protcall of a general meeting - once members notice of egm and agm are recieved - please email your concerns or proposals for the meeting before the the HSC office. 
Sorry - dont think facebook the best form of the HSC to answer some of the comments when not many on social media - come to the club - speak to us 

Dawn - Hon Sailing Sec - Holyhead Sailing Club

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