Get rid of Diesel Bug

For just £14 per can

Club members’ special offer for Sol-X Diesel Fuel Conditioner


star solx offer

Reduce exhaust emissions

Remove moisture from the fuel system

Lubricate fuel pump and entire fuel system

Clean injectors and improve spray patterns

Prevent corrosion & bacterial/fungi growth

Restore all round engine performance

This product has been tested on Flair IV, which had an ongoing Diesel Bug problem from purchase and since its use has been no recurrence. It is way cheaper and less hassle than ripping out the tank and steam cleaning it!

Directions: Suitable for Marine use.  In normal circumstances pour the full contents of the tin into your fuel tank, making sure not to spill on any painted surfaces. 

Safety Data Sheet

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EU45 Anti Foul Member's Offer for 2021

Update as of 2020-02-16 11:50 GMT following the MailChimp prompt 

We have now confirmed the order for this year at 33 tins and wil be sending your order costs out before close of play 17th Feb. We didn't quite make the normal 40 tins discount so we are in the 30-39 tins discount range at £69 per 2.5ltr tin.



Following the success of the Member’s Anti-foul Offer from the last 4 years where we got to the maximum discount rate we are hoping to reach the same heights with this year’s offer. The prices remain the same as last year; no price increase! This is on the understanding that we get our order in before their existing stock sells out. 

For more information go to EU45 website

The positive feedback from members has continued through this year even with the extra warmth due to climate change encouraging more weed growth. This year Flair IV has not been lifted out yet this season but the issues with my bootstripe were resolved and there has been very little growth anywhere on the hull. 

My experience along with others who have reported over the last few years is that there was no weed, fronds or barnacles just the brown slime. It would appear therefore that even though Holyhead harbour is a “high fouling” area the EU45 has worked well and I can state that this was much better than previous experience with International’s Micron 2 and Blake’s Hempel Tiger Extra both of which I had used on Mikki Finn.





Provided we get to the 40+ tins order threshold the discount will be 37.44% so a price of  £64.99 per 2.5ltr tin. 

To place your order for your EU45 for this year’s group discount please click on the button to place your oder:

Place an order

On this form you can order your main colour number of tins and a boot stripe in white or dark blue. You will get 1/3rd of a tin of boot stripe antifoul which should be enough for most yachts. You can also order printer, thinners and an application pack which includes trays, rollers and masking tape. 

Collections - Changes due to Covid regulations 

This year I will be taking delivery at the Clubhouse but I will be contacting the members as their orders are processed and delivered. I can make deliveries, as restrictions allow to Pwllhel and Porth Penrhyn. Or you can collect from Rhosneigr.


Once we have received your order and the discounts have been confirmed you will receive your invoice; this will include a £5 contribution per order for the management of this club offer. Due to Covid restrictions we are only accepting payments BACs to Holyhead Sailing Club Sort code: 09-02-22 account no: 10727009 (Santander). 

Club Members Discounts are as follows:-

No of tins Ordered


Price per 2.5ltr tin

Order Under 10 cans


£79.99 (Internet Price)

Initial Order 10-19 cans



Initial Order 20-29 cans



Initial Order 30-39 cans



Initial Order 40+ cans




Prices include Carriage on all orders for 10 or more cans. Subsequent orders at minimum discount of initial order.

Clwb Hwylio Caergybi - Holyhead Sailing Club 

Cwmni Buddiant Cymunedol - A Community Interest Company