As computer screen views of a browser are usually wider than on a mobile device you may see different views. This article shows the wider screen setting.

To login using a computer the login menu is on the right hand side of your screen User Menu,user menu computer the 2nd Menu down. You can tell the system to remember your login and you can also set your browser to remember your login, ONLY do this if you are on YOUR PRIVATE COMPUTER.

Once you have logged in you will see your profile screen where you can change your password.


If you are a member with a yacht you will be in a Yacht Owner's group and will see an additional menu specifically for yacht owners. Likewise if you are a dinghy owner you will see a different menu for dinghies. If you are in both then you will see both, this is ONLY the case once you are logged in.

Yachtowner menu

Within these example groups you will have the ability to add articles. The system uses a WYSWIG editor and is (reasonably) easy to use. You can add text and  images to your article. Once you are happy with your article then you click on the submit button. This notifies the mediator or that group so that the content can be checked before it is made available, either to the public, registered members or reserved for the members of a particular group. 

From time to time we will send out Forms to ask for feedback, such as the AGM Dinner feedback form. These are only available to registered users of the club website. It is important then if you are a joint member that you should have two logins so that you can respond as individulas.

The club website on your mobile devices

[Please note: The website URL shown in the images is the temporary one the correct URL is ]

This guide has been compiled from feedback. Thanks to Ken (Incantation) for his feedback!

The following images are screenshots of what the site looks like on a mobile phone when you first visit.