A very important meeting about options on the maintenance of the breakwater. 

breakwater c1930

Holyhead Breakwater c1930

Anglesey County Council are holding a public event on 29th of March 2019 from 15:00 – 19:00 on at Holyhead Town Hall.

"The Port of Holyhead and the town are protected by the 2.4km long breakwater, which consists of a masonry wall superstructure founded on a rubble mound. Since its completion in 1873 the rubble mound has gradually been eroded by wave action, increasing the wave impacts on the breakwater itself. Without maintenance, the loss of the rubble mound would eventually result in the breakwater being undermined and breaches forming within 15 years, resulting in total failure. In order to maintain the protection of Holyhead a cost-effective long-term sustainable solution needs to be identified.

In 2017 the Isle of Anglesey County Council with the support of Welsh Government and Stena Line Ports undertook an Outline Business Case to develop options for the refurbishment of the breakwater, as follows:

  1. Do Nothing – resulting in the failure of the breakwater
  2. Do Minimum – continued maintenance becoming economically unfeasible, resulting in failure
  3. Do Something (seaward side) - strengthening the existing structure, constructing an offshore breakwater and restoring or topping up the rubble mound
  4. Do Something (leeward side) - installing rock groynes or concrete mattresses and topping up the rubble mound

" [Anglesey County Council]

As members of the sailing and water-sports community it is extremely important that we have a major say in the decisions being made especially in the light of the problems in the harbour last year and Wylfa B being put on hold. Anglesey and the Holyhead Maritime Comunity needs a significant boost in its economy; with this kind of infrastructure project comes job security and economic growth. We cannot let the breakwater fail!


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